If you need to make a claim

If you are a Premier policyholder and you need to make a claim, please telephone us immediately on the appropriate number below.


To initially report a claim

Option 1 (excluding windscreen or window repairs)
0800 096 9629

To discuss an existing claim

0800 923 4222

For windscreen or window repair

(This feature only applies if you have Comprehensive cover)

0345 075 1966


Calls to the 0800 numbers are free. The cost to call an 0345 number is the same as calling a normal local or national landline.
Please have your Policy Number and Vehicle Registration Number ready when you call.

When you took out our policy through your Insurance Intermediary, you may have also purchased Legal Fees or Uninsured Loss Recovery insurance which is provided by another Insurer. If you have either of these insurances, you should also contact your Insurance Intermediary on the telephone number supplied in the documents they issued to you, as they will be able to coordinate the other aspects of your claim with the various insurers.

If you have been involved in an accident with a Premier policyholder and you believe them to be at fault, please contact our Claims team immediately on 0800 096 9629 and we will arrange for the recovery and repair of your car and supply you with a temporary replacement vehicle while the work is being completed.

Irrespective of whether you are a Premier Policyholder or a Third Party, you will need to complete the appropriate claim form. When you telephone our team, they will advise you which form is required and you may download it via the links below. Please fully complete and send it back to us at the address shown on the form. If you have any queries on the completion of it, please use the number at the top of the form to discuss the matter with us.


Claim Documents

Accident Report (pdf)

Witness Questionnaire (pdf)

Motor Fire Theft (pdf)

Accident Description Form (pdf)


Software Requirements

These files require Adobe Reader.